When IN THE GAME premiered at the Gene Siskel Film Center in August 2015, the three young ladies featured in the film – Elizabeth, Maria and Alicia – had all left college due to various challenges, including the lack of funds.

At the Chicago Latino Film Festival, Director Maria Finitzo and the three young ladies proudly announced that they were all back in college. This was made possible through the generosity of The Reva and David Logan Foundation who had attended the premiere. All three ladies received scholarships allowing them to enroll back in school and be back on track towards achieving their goals.

Nationwide, Latinos make up 22% of the students in elementary and high schools, and yet only make up 12% of students in college. Understanding that increasing access to college for all students lifts whole communities out of poverty, the Logan Foundation also made a new commitment to Kelly High School and the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council to fund a scholarship program to help many more future young women graduates of Kelly High School attend college.

Each scholarship will be between $2,000 and $5,000 per year for four years. Together, the Logan Foundation and Brighton Park Neighborhood Council will identify 5-10 recipients to receive the award every year.

For anyone who would like to get involved, or donate to help more young women go to college, or learn more about the scholarship, they can contact the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council at 773-523-7110.